Translate your i18next JSON format resources to other languages for free...

Translate i18next JSON resources/files

Like but for i18next.

This uses the free but limited google translate api. For a better experience have a look at locize. It offers a bulk action to machine translate, a dedicated focus view with multiple machine translation providers and an automatic machine translation workflow for new added keys.
Watch: locize demo

locize is the official sponsor of i18next. With using locize you directly support the future of i18next.
Read more about it here.

Watch: react-i18next and locize

Use the full power of the i18next library together with locize, a localization management platform by the founders of i18next, which can automate the translation workflow in the locize app.

Watch: automatic machine translation

The machine translation feature enables every new content to get automatically translated into all other defined target languages (like Google Translate).

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